About Us

Zero Waste Home Goods is on a mission to increase quality of life for our customers and to simultaneously decrease the amount of waste that goes into our environment. 

Single-use plastics and other disposable products are a plague on the planet. Trillions of single-use plastic products (think straws, cups, water bottles, and grocery bags) are thrown away every year, and about a third of that plastic ends up in our oceans.

The good news? We can all be part of the solution! It starts with choosing reusable products over disposable or single-use products. Zero Waste Home Goods was created to help make this transition easy and affordable for everyone. 

All of our products were selected after extensive research to ensure they fit our vision of a zero waste world. At the same time, we make sure that all of our products actually improve the lives of our customers and save them money on repeat purchases of disposable goods. 

This is our commitment to a healthy planet and happy customers. Because living a low-impact lifestyle should just be living.